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Keeping my family together has aways been a concern. Every time we get to intersections, we have to stop and make sure everyone is there. Now we get a notification if anyone takes a wrong turn. 

- Pat D. Sudbury

  • Simple Communication

    Instantly notify your entire group if you need to stop, or if you're falling behind with a touch of a button.

  • Keep Together

    Get automatic notifications when anyone in your group is more than 1Km behind the next closest rider.

  • Collision Warnings

    If other HEDS UP users are approaching and they're not part of your group, we'll let you know before you even see them!

Built By Snowmobilers

We've been snowmobiling as a family for years, and as much as we love the sport, we aren't blind to the dangers that come with it. We've all been in a position where you need to fix your gear or clean your visor, but don't want the group to continue without you. With HEDS UP, you can be in quick communication with your group with the click of a button. Get alerted of the presence of other HEDS UP users, allowing you time to react to oncoming drivers and prevent potential collisions. We developed HEDS UP to protect our family, and we know it can do the same for you. Improve your family's confidence and safety on the trails, by getting a HEDS UP!

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