The Tech Behind The Product

We leverage the LoRaWAN network in a completely proprietary and patented way. Our system can track a group based on each products unique ID and a mesh network to ensure notifications get sent out from your first rider to your last, regardless how many people you're riding with.

Power On And Pair

Pair your device with up to 20 other HEDS UP devices in order to stay connected with your group.

Collision Detection Like Never Before

Our patented system lets you detect an approaching HEDS UP user over the next hill or around the corner, before you can even see it!

Keep In Touch With A Single Button

Let your group know you need a break or broadcast to everyone that you need some help.

Stay Together, Automatically

We'll keep track of your group so you can enjoy the ride. You don't have to stop at a fork in the road, We'll let you know if your pack breaks up.